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Charitable Strategies and Non Profit Management


Donor-Advised Funds

Instead of writing checks directly to charities or dealing with the complexities of a private foundation, you can experience a simpler, smarter way to support your favorite causes and multiply your impact.

Donor-Advised Funds

Most people who want to start their own public or private foundation do not want to face the complexities of such an organization. Starting a fiscal sponsorship with Legacy Global Charities can help you get started and allow your program to grow into it's own organization. Allow us to show you how!

Fiscal Sponsorships

Not sure if a private or public foundation is right for you? This hybrid program can hire staff and functions as its own entity while working in a partnership with Legacy Global Charities. Find out if this is the right program for you!

Support Organizations
Charitable Trusts & Annuities

These kinds of Split Interest Gifts allow for a strategic tax-deduction while also providing long term or lifetime income for the donor or beneficiaries. Legacy Global Charities can discuss what kind of split-interest gift strategy may be best for your situation.

Trusts & Annuities
Premium Finance Life Insurance

Using Premium Finance Life Insurance is a strategic way of gifting to charity. You can still give burdensome tax accounts to charity and still leave an inheritance to your family. Contact us to find out how this could work for you!

Premium Finance Life Insurance
Non-cash & Complex Giving

Most gifts given to charity involve noncash items such as business interest, real estate, retirement plans, living assets and so forth. Legacy Global Charities specializes in these kinds of gifts to maximize charitable contributions

Non-cash & Complex Giving


The way and order in which things are donated matter. Our professional staff works with donors and the professional advisor of their choosing to ensure the right plan is in place.


Our professional staff will ensure that donations are completed correctly. We have handled some of the most complex gifts and partner with other charities and nonprofits to ensure donations are completed correctly.


Make donations go further! Once a donation is made, we invest to make the donation go further. Split-interest gifting and blended finance options are a great way to get lifetime income and fulfill charitable intent.


Our Team

Melodie Durfee

Melodie Durfee

President & COO

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Amanda Adams

Director of Donor & Charitable Guidance

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Kale Hamblin

Administrative Assistant

Michelle Morgan

Michelle Morgan

Planned Giving & Financial Controller

Teale Husti

Teale Husti

Director of Programming

Michael Glover

Michael Glover

Director of Estate & Gift Planning

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Learn the ins-and-outs of nonprofit administration, compliance and best practices as we discuss real life stories and how they can apply to organizations, families and professionals alike.

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