Charitable Remainder Trusts

Legacy Charitable Remainder Uni-Trusts (CRUT) are free of charge to set up. If you choose, you may hire a lawyer to
draft your own trust document. The major difference between a Legacy CRUT document and CRUT documents drafted
by other lawyers is the beneficiary and co-trustee. With a Legacy CRUT the charitable beneficiary and co-trustee are
irrevocably Legacy. The beneficiary is your Family Foundation at Legacy.
Under the terms of the CRUT document, you and Legacy are co-trustees. As the family co-trustee, your responsibilities
are to determine how the assets in the CRUT are invested. This is important because your annual income from the
CRUT will be based on a percentage of the total value of the CRUT assets. Legacy handles all tax returns and annual
filings, and will invest the assets held in the CRUT per your direction.

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