Turn Your Property Into A Legacy

Whether you own a beachfront home or a family farm, our team at Legacy Global can help you turn your valuable property into a charitable gift that keeps on giving. By giving real estate before the sale, instead of writing checks to charity, you'll improve your cash flow, reduce or eliminate capital gains taxes, and send more to your favorite causes.


Selling Property?

You can maximize your tax savings by giving appreciated real estate to charity before the sale. We have extensive experience with all types of property gifts, including raw land as well as residential and commercial real estate.

Managing Property?

Your income-producing real estate can become a Legacy-producing investment. We can help you give residential or commercial real estate, and even rental income property, while continuing to manage it yourself. 

Why Give Real Estate?

If you're like many people, much of your wealth is tied up in your assets like real estate, stocks, or business interests ... while only a fraction is in cash. And yet, all your giving is coming from that tiny piece of the pie.


What if you stopped writing checks and started giving from your wealth instead? You typically receive a tax deduction for the full fair-market value of your gift, as well as reduce or eliminate capital gains taxes. This means more goes to support the cause of your choice and can leave a lasting legacy for you and your loved ones.