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Our Programs

Legacy Global partners with organizations all over the world to provide charitable solutions to address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Below Are a list of these goals and Legacy's programs that address each of them.


22nd Century by Design Fund

Advancing The New Apprenticeship Movement

Arizona Outdoor Charities

Arizona Outdoor Charities is on a mission to provide the rising generation an appreciation for the outdoors. When youth grow up with the principles that the outdoors provide, they become better citizens, appreciate their day-to-day living and become grounded and rooted in the things that matter most.



Cache Valley Volunteer Center

Crystals Critter Haven



Desert Resources

Ehrwald Family Fund

Gettings Leadership Centers

Growing America's Youth

Kellys Animal Lives Matter (KALM) Secretary & Rescue

Magda Khalifa Foundation

Magda Khalifa Foundation serves by helping recipients in the attainment of inner peace and significance, through charitable organizations whose programs support the tenets of the Freedom Triangle (TM).

Initial Focuses

Veteran Charities

Media4Good Fund

Million Peacemakers

Pandemic Resource Team

Project 17

Quiddity Institute for the Promotion of Inclusive Property Rights

Renegade Incubator

SDG5 Global Alliance Fund

Seeding Mercy Foundation

Sorbo Family Film Studios

The FMP PPE Fund

The Lost Child

The SDG Circle Fund

Timbuktu Renaissance


A Virtuous Foundation

American Veterans Marketplace Charitable Fund

BDA Foundation

The BDA (Biotechnology for Sustainable Development in Africa) Foundation is helping to revolutionize development aid in emerging countries by focusing on the strength of development rather than on charity, specifically on the valuation of plant biodiversity. Since 2007, BDA has been in place to give birth to a new generation of entrepreneurs, Ecopreneurs, in the agricultural sector value-added plants (VAP).


The Kikalakasa Fund


Coffee and Girl Talk with God

Davis Family Fund

DignityMoves Fund

To help communities address homelessness through innovative and effective solutions.

GOVETS Foundation

Glover Charities

Supporting the family through Self Reliance, Family Services and Support for Foster Care individuals


Mission Funds
Foster Care


Justice Depot Foundation, Inc.

Love's Last Gift

Magnalia Homestead Fund

Michelangelo Sculpture Donation Fund

Muzic School Foundation

PharmAfrican Fund

Project Exploration Foundation

Regenerous Institute Fund

Rhythm of the Heart: The Matthew Curtis Horn Foundation

SDGs4Impact Fund

Raising funds for the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals to create impact through businesses and initiatives.