Thai Elephant Home

Improving the World, One Elephant at a Time


Legacy Global Foundation has a mission:  to bless the whole earth.  That might seem a little daunting, but with donations from generous and noble people it is possible!  We can flood the earth with love and hope.  All life is precious and we want to reach as far as possible and touch as many lives as we can, one at a time if we must.  With the broad vision of our donors, like Leslie Temanson, we can see through even the thickest of jungles.

And that is exactly where this story begins.  One life that we have been blessed to touch is that of Mae Noi, an elephant in Thailand.  By the time this beautiful girl reached her sweet 16, she was working as a slave in the logging industry.  Forced to pull and push fallen trees through the jungle and abused terribly by her masters, Mae Noi became very ill.  But she was simply a commodity in that industry and there was no hope of a recovery for her.  Until she was rescued by the Thai Elephant Home.

Once in the safety of the Thai Elephant Home, Mai Noi was visited by a doctor daily for over a month.  She began to receive love rather than abuse and as you can imagine, she thrived!  She is now a beloved member of the family at the Thai Elephant Home and is well fed, well cared-for and well-treated.  Each elephant receives plenty of food and water and is allowed to live in a peaceful environment, sleeping under canopies and jungle trees.  They even have access to a mud spa and a river bath!

As a way to earn money for the care of the herd, this facility allows tourists to come see and feed the elephants, even ride them.  But the members of this elephant home are not bound under harsh and heavy riding baskets; people are permitted only to ride bareback, as this is healthier for the elephant.  Before they are privileged to ride these magnificent animals, people are given a short education on elephant life, commands, and conservation.  These patrons are given the basics of the knowledge they will need to perpetuate this home’s respect and love for the elephants.

Without the help of generous donations and our legacy building know-how, people like Leslie Temanson, who is helping the Thai Elephant Home buy this sweet elephant named Mae Noi, could not help these suffering members of the world.  But with Legacy Global Foundation Inc., the world becomes less of a vast planet and more of a connected community.  You can make a difference, and we can help.

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