Peter and Virginia Cherry Scholarship

The Legacy of Art Lovers and the Birth of an Artist

Peter and Virginia Cherry, art scholarship

Our current and ongoing student is working towards her degree and is focussing her art on therapy. Having received help in accomplishing her dreams of receiving a college education and becoming an artist, we are thrilled that she is focussing her talent on helping others achieve the positive mental state that they so desperately need.

Art has a subtle power, it can calm or riot our moods it can make us laugh or think deep thoughts. Viewing art is as meditative and introspective a process as creating art. We hope that the recipient of our art scholarship at the Art  Institute of Chicago will find depth and expression in herself that will allow others to find hope and strength when they see her work.

Peter and Virginia Cherry have made a difference in this young artist’s life, and through her, their influence may ripple out to many other people in need of hope and inspiration. We join with the school and this student in saying thank you to Peter and Virginia Cherry for their passion and their contribution.

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