Introducing Your Children to Service

The Gift That Keeps Giving


What we do with our money shows a lot about who we are.  When your children see the value you put on charitable service such as donations, volunteering and supporting worthy causes, they will be more inclined to follow suit.  The work you put into creating a family culture of giving is a gift without price and will earn dividends for years to come.  Giving them yourself instead of just your money is the best way to leave a lasting, meaningful legacy.

Legacy Global Foundation is committed to helping you use your resources to support the causes that mean something to you and your family.  Decide as a group what is important to you and whether that cause is local or international, we can help you enact real change.  As a family, you can work to leave your mark.  There are many ways in which the world needs improvement; how to improve the world is up to you.

When people talk about your family’s fortune and what you have left your children, they might say, “Man, they drove the best cars.”  But wouldn’t you rather their reputation lead people to say, “Man, they had the best hearts.”  Foster an atmosphere of generosity and be amazed by your children and what they are enabled and empowered to do.

Legacy Global Foundation can be your vehicle to better the world.

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