How to Turn Your Vision into Action with This Simple Tool

What to Do with Your Vision

How do you see the world becoming a better place? What is your vision for your community, country, or humanity? What are you doing to keep that vision alive? Newton’s First Law of Motion teaches that an object in motion stays in motion until it is acted upon by an outside force.

Today, I am going to introduce you to a tool that will act as that outside force and turn your vision into action. While there are many tools available, this particular tool is called a Program Fund.

What Are Program Funds?

Program Funds are operating programs of Legacy Global Foundation. Each program fund is:

  1. Proposed by you, a community member who sees a need.

  2. Guided by a mission written that reflects your vision of what the world could be like.

  3. Structured to you to focus on that vision without worrying about the back-office work.

Who Runs a Program Fund?

A group of qualified, independent volunteers, including yourself, called a “Council”. With you, this council works to realize the mission of the program.

What Do Council Members Do?

Listed below, are some of your opportunities as a Council Member:

  1. Provide opportunities for your community members to volunteer.

  2. To engage your community with opportunities for them to learn about your mission.

  3. Start raising the funds and gathering the resources necessary to carry out your mission.

  4. Help people learn about your efforts and progress through social media, blogs, etc.

  5. Expressing gratitude to the volunteers, donors, and community members who provide aid to the efforts of the Program and its Council.

What is the Difference Between a DAF and a Program Fund?

While Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs) and Program Funds are effective tools for change, there are some key differences. Mainly, DAFs are a granting tool and Program Funds are an operating charitable program. Let’s compare: DAFProgram FundRun ProgramsNoYesGrant to IndividualsNoYesGrant to Qualified CharitiesYesYesApply for GrantsNoYesAccept Alternative AssetsYesYesReimburse CostsNoYesPay InvoicesNoYesPay StaffNoYes

When Should I Use a Program Fund?

If you want to be more hands-on, I suggest opening a Program Fund. Doing this will give you more flexibility as you turn your passion for a cause into action. As the program grows, you could see the program you started to become a full separate charity ready to change the world.

Finding Strength in Your Vision

It is important to remember that DAFs and Program Funds each bring something to the table. In order to achieve lasting change, we must play to their strengths. As such, DAFs bring about lasting change when used to their full potential. Causes need people behind the scenes to provide the resources for programs that are making a difference and boots on the ground to act on those resources to make a change. Where will you be?

Start changing the world today! Click here to set up a Program Fund.

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