• Kale Hamblin

How To Make Qualified Charitable Donations From IRA Rollovers

At Legacy Global Charities our mission is to, “...bless the whole earth through innovative, effective, ethical, and responsible charitable service and solutions. Legacy empowers and creates opportunities for stakeholders.”

IRA rollovers add solutions and create opportunities to help those in need due to the amount of wealth that is held therein.

Along with the opportunity to help serve those in need, there are more benefits to charitable IRA rollovers including tax deductions. The good news is that here at Legacy Global Charities we take care of the consequences of taxes and back office work so that the donor can solely enjoy the positive outcome of donating to a good cause.

Listed below are some ways one can make qualified charitable donations:

We are privileged to work alongside so many people who have a genuine desire to love and serve those in need. People have worked so hard and sacrificed so much of their time and energy building wealth and sharing that wealth with others. We recognize the good that people have to offer to this world and are incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to work alongside you to help further the success of others.

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