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From Start to Follow-Up: The Rainbow Network

From start to follow-up, Rainbow Network gives hand-ups not hand-outs to the people in rural Nicaragua. Legacy Global Foundation is excited to announce that we will match up to $25,000 of all new non-designated donations through July and August 2018.

Throughout the vetting process, we have been impressed with Rainbow Network's focus on promoting self-reliance by enabling individuals and families to provide for themselves, have a safe home, receive an education, and have access to medical care.


From the beginning, Rainbow Network strives to include every community member. When they first go into a new community, they hold a town hall style meeting. At this meeting:

  • They ask those attending about the needs of the community.

  • They brainstorm with those in attendance, ways that the community and Rainbow Network can work together to meet those needs. It can take 3-4 community meetings to paint an accurate and detailed picture of the needs and ways to address them.

  • Rainbow Network asks the community members to vote to formally extend an invitation for Rainbow Network to begin working with the community.


Next, a committee of 10-15 locals are elected. The committee members are then tasked with overseeing the work of one of the four focuses: Housing, Economy, Education, and Healthcare. It is not uncommon to find over 1,000 volunteers and committee members working on projects within their community. All projects are connected which simplifies the managing and funding of these projects.

Check out some of Rainbow Network's accomplishments here!


Rainbow Network holds itself accountable to each community. Monthly meetings are held with committee members. Community town hall meetings are held every 6 months.



The Rainbow Network is a non-denominational christian organization. These are ordinary people making an extraordinary impact that will be felt for generations. You can partner with Rainbow Network and join the ordinary people that are instigating lasting impact.

Please visit Rainbow Network's website: https://www.rainbownetwork.org/ and join them in their work in rural Nicaragua!

If you would like to give to Rainbow Network through your Donor-Advised Fund, please email amanda@legacyglobal.org.

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