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A New Year: 2019 Dedicated to You

New Year, New Mission

With each new year comes new resolutions, new dreams, and the magic of a new beginning. Here at Legacy, we are entering this new year with a new mission statement.

Recently, we met with Legacy's Board of Directors and reviewed our Mission Statement. We came away with greater insight into the mission of Legacy Global Foundation. One of these being the increased focus on ethically empowering our stakeholders. As a result, our new mission statement now reads as follows:

"Legacy blesses the whole earth through innovative, effective, ethical, and responsible charitable service and solutions. Legacy empowers and creates opportunities for stakeholders. Legacy creates well-being and prosperity by inspiring the transfer of values across generations. Legacy delivers the promise that you are blessed when you bless others."

As stewards, when faced with a decision that will impact our stakeholders, we ask:

  1. Is it ethical?

  2. Does it obey the law?

  3. Does it honor the donor's intent?

  4. Is it fiscally responsible?

Together, our mission statement and these questions guide us in all areas of our work.  Our core areas of expertise are:

  • Charitable Stewardship & Administration

  • Complex Transactions & Planned Giving

  • Alternative Assets

  • International Giving

  • Inter-Generational Planning & Training

  • Impact Investing

  • Coordinating with Advisors on Risk & Tax Strategies

We believe that we are blessed when we bless others. As a team, we dedicate ourselves to helping our stakeholders "live well and leave a legacy".

From left to right (Back Row) Teale Badertscher, Michelle Morgan, Michael Glover. (Front Row) Amanda Adams, Melodie Durfee.

To learn how Legacy can help you, email us at info@legacyglobal.org or call 480-505-6248.


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