• Amanda Adams

4 Weird Things You Can Donate to Charity

For years, people have been giving to charity. Whether through financial donations or donated goods, we've all done it. Dropping off the pile of clothes that's been sitting in the corner for a month can be like a breath of fresh air. Purging the pantry of all the hated canned vegetables for the school's food drive while mom's not looking is the stuff of childhood legend.

But what else can be donated? To answer this, we made a list of 4 weird things we didn't know could be donated to charity.

1. Your Birthday

Have you used Facebook's birthday fundraiser? This new feature was announced in August 2017. Now, Facebook users can host a fundraiser for one of 750,000+ U.S. nonprofit organizations for your birthday.

This week, Facebook announced that over $300 million had been raised through its birthday fundraisers!

Recently, Facebook made some improvements including:

  • No transaction fees as of November 2017

  • Matching donations

  • Monthly giving

As a result, many organizations have benefited from Facebook's birthday fundraiser feature. Including organizations like St. Jude, American Cancer Society, and the ASCPA.

2. Eclipse Glasses

Don't know what to do with those glasses from the eclipse? Astronomers Without Borders (AWB) are collecting eclipse glasses. Across the world are people that do not have access to eclipse glasses that will be at risk during upcoming eclipses. In addition, your donations may be tax deductible.

Check out their website for more information and collection center locations!

3. Unused Computer Power

Cudo Donate was developed to turn unused computer power into cryptocurrency. Cudo Donate software starts working when your computer is idle. Security is a top priority. For this reason, Cudo Donate software does not access the personal files stored on your computer. Currently, Cudo Donate payout is in Bitcoin only. Soon, more options will be available including US dollar, Euro, and Pounds.

Check out how it works here!

4. Airline Miles

Or, do you have airline miles that are going to waste? Put those miles to good use by donating them to organizations like Salvation Army, Make a Wish Foundation, and the Red Cross.

While not tax-deductible, donating airline miles can help ease travel costs for many organizations.

Always A Way

No charitable giving strategy is perfect; the world's problems won't be solved overnight. However, no matter the method, every donation is important. From the weird to the typical, all donations have an impact.

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