Impact Investing


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What is impact investing?


What opportunities are there?


How does it work?

Due Diligence

How do I know if it's a good investment?


What is the impact?


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Impact Investing: PROCESS


1. Pick Your Problem

There is no shortage of problems in the world. With impact investing, you as the investor can choose to have a lasting impact in an area you care about.

2. Pick Your Partner

Impact investing is not limited to large corporate financial institutions. Nonprofits can help you get started with impact investing.

3. Invest with Intent

A common phrase in the impact investing world is "intentional impact". As you move through the process, you make intentional investments to achieve intentional impact.

Impact Investing: Measuring Impact


Poverty, hunger, and violence are few of the many problems plaguing the world. But, there are two sides to every coin. In this case, within these complicated problems are opportunities.

Opportunity Zones

Opportunity zones are communities in economic distress in the U.S., nvestors can use capital gains to fund investments in these communities. These investments will help encourage financial growth within the communities. Investors then receive tax benefits in exchange for investing in these communities.


Check to see if you live in an Opportunity Zone on the map below!